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With the realization of progress comes many responsibilities for a corporation. The founders recognized this early on in its development stage. From 1973 onwards, the Group has been contributing to several industries worldwide as well as to its environment through its various scrap metal recycling initiatives.

The Group has grown from a small two-person company to one of the most reputable family owned and operated scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing entities. It comprises of internationally placed operations with a clientele in over 40 countries across the globe. In each of its establishments, the Group combines a highly talented work force with its broad vision and an untiring perseverance. It has rapidly gained recognition, as a leading force in the industry with quality commitment.

Diversified Scrap Metal Interests We Know How to Fulfill Them

A comprehensive diversification strategy is essential for a company with the kind of vision and mission that is cultivated by the Lucky Group. Accordingly, the group branches out to the scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing segments of the industry. These are embodied in three main enterprises:

The Group's strategy is to create and mobilize associated subsidiaries and affiliated companies in specific markets to allow for the expansion of the overall Group's activities. These affiliated companies and subsidiaries are all efficiently supported through service capabilities in state-of-the-art hardware and information technology, advanced management practices, financial arrangements, risk management and operations controls. Our global expansions supported through our service capabilities, place us among the recognized scrap metal recycling companies and single us out in the market through the quality of our products and services.

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