Lucky Trading
Our History

We commenced operations as a small two-person, family-owned business in 1973. Two entrepreneurs, Dilawar and Iqbal Shaban founded Lucky Recycling as a scrap metal recycling company in Dubai. Subsequently, Rafique, Raza and Saleem Shaban, of the same family joined the organization to accelerate its success and expansion. The five brothers together transformed the fledgling company into what is known today as the Lucky Group.

During its initial years, the Shaban family first established its scrap metal processing yard in Dubai. Attending to the need, recycling and treatment facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous metals were established in different vicinities.

Over a period of more than four decades, we expanded interests to include scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing. The passing years have seen the organization grow from a small business establishment to a clientele in more than 40 countries. The Lucky Group today is a family owned and operated multinational-corporation encompassing and offering vital scrap metal contributions such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous and rubber tubes to several industries around the world

The Group’s operations are presently in following locations:


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