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The Group started as a scrap metal processor in 1973. The following years saw it go through a definite branching of interests within the metal industry and consequent corporate expansion. Today, the Group is engaged in metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing. An increasing international demand for the implementation of advanced technology has further made it easier for the Group to pursue other enterprises within the metal industry. Under the direction of the senior management, the Lucky companies profess exceptional standards in terms of the processes used, the principles followed, the quality maintained and the productivity gained in each of the sectors that they cater to. Such a steadfast stance has also supplied the companies with the confidence and the resources required to grow as a corporate entity.

The Divisions we serve:

Scrap Recycling In Middle East

Scrap Recycling

There is a definite need for quality metals in the market. Through recycling and processing scrap commodities, we hope to meet this requirement. Read More…

Alloy Manufacturing Middle East

Alloy Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on being an efficient, high quality production facility with a customer-centric approach to everything that we do. Read More…



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