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Media Articles

          Urban Miners since 1973 Jan, 2021

          Using of smart technologies with smart metals Dec, 2020

          Metal gala how metals have influenced the fashionista over the years Nov, 2020

          Impact of covid-19 across the globe Oct, 2020

          Urban mining for a circular economy Aug, 2020

          Metal fabricators can make their life easier now June, 2020

          Metally Yours May, 2020

          An Added advantage of copper May, 2020

          Earth Day 2020 preserve the world with valuable sustainable May, 2020

          Sustainable Manufacturing best practices May, 2020

          Commodity Focus - Nickel - Facing Policy Turbulence - Waste and Recycling Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb, 2017

          BNMA Delegation Visit Leading Recycling Facility in UAE Jan-Feb, 2017

          Commodity Focus - Steel - Grasping At Straws - Waste and Recycling Middle East Magazine Nov-Dec, 2016

          Commodity Focus - Nickel - A Star Performer In Commodities - Waste and Recycling Middle East Magazine Sep-Oct, 2016

          Commodity Focus - Lackluster Aluminum Has a Brighter Future - Waste and Recycling Middle East Magazine July/August, 2016

          In Memoriam: Dilawar Shaban – Recycling Today April, 2016

          Zero Waste Roadmap - Waste and Recycling Middle East. - May-June, 2016

          Commodity Focus - Another Blow to Copper Fundamentals - Waste and Recycling Middle East - May-June, 2016

          EEG - Can collection Day 2015 - April, 2016

          CMRA Tour's Lucky Group recycling facility - August, 2015

          Lucky Group Strategizing for Continued Success Waste and Recycling Middle East Magazine - Jun, 2015

          The National - Earth matters Recycled Materials are more than landfill - Nov, 2014

          Segregation of waste at source cuts landfill load - Jun, 2014

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